On Saturday 3 June we’ll be opening up the school building to you, the local residents, for an afternoon of discussion on the building’s potential as a community asset.

We have been offered a draft lease on part of the building – the hall, kitchen and the rooms around the front door, but not the classrooms.  Whether we say yes is up to you – we need to know if there’s community backing to make these spaces available for community use.  We need to know if there’s the volunteer capacity to run this space in addition to those we currently have.  Questions, questions!

What’s happening on the day?

  • Take a tour of the school rooms that would be available for community use if we went ahead with a lease during the mothballing period. Tell us what you can imagine them being used for.
  • Respond to our challenge questions about the future use of the school and the village hall. Express your opinion and help us think through the practicalities of each scenario.
  • Discuss whether it should be jam first or cream first on a scone, then eat it anyway…
  • Come and play with Alex Wallis from the Play Space in Peebles who will be running activities for younger children, including some crafting and some physical play options (balance beams, wobble boards).

Hope to see you there!